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Kitchen Challenge

me cooking

me cooking

A more organized look at my recipes.

Every night I feel like a contestant in on Iron Chef . “And tonight’s secret ingredients are… whatever you can find in your kitchen.” Well I’ll give them an added challenge- no gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, tomatoes, pepper… and the list goes on.
Ah well, somehow I manage. I actually do a good job most of the time too. So here are my recipes. You are highly unlikely to find them on a restaurant menu, although many are worthy. If you are looking for easy, healthy, recipes that are also suitable for “many special diets” check them out.

***gf = gluten free, df = dairy free, sf = sugar free

Brussel Sprouts & Buffalo gf, df, sf
Buffalo Bolognese gf, df, sf
Buffalo Tri-Tip gf, df
Chicken a la Yummy!
gf, df, sf
Curried Potato Salad gf, sf
Lamb Meatballs gf,sf
Lazy Girl’s Salmon gf, df, sf
Pork Butt Blade Verde gf, df,sf
Simple Sausage Supper gf, df, sf
Spinach Crepes gf, df, sf
Tasty Salmon gf, df

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